Brass band festival
Stefan Richter (), the “festival-father”, usually set the ton as organizer and only conducted here as an honor.

The music association Bergmannsblasorchester Aue-Bad Schlema e.V. has organized the International Festival of Music since 1992. In 1998, the Festival was renamed as European Brass and Wind Band Festival / International Festival of Music in order to emphasise the European dimension of the event. The Festival’s motto is “No Limits – the Brass and Wind Music Highlight of its Form in Europe”. The complexity, the manner and the procedure of the Festival are considered to be unrivalled in Europe and therefore constitute the unique features of the event.

The European Brass and Wind Band Festival / International Festival of Music is an annual major event which connects nations. First-class brass and wind bands from at least eleven nations, which have a very high reputation in their respective countries, perform at the Festival.

The audience experiences around 60 nonstop-concerts each with a length of about 40 minutes in highest quality performed on two large stages in a heated tent with catering and 4,000 seats. Two parades with 1,000 participants frame the event.

The different genres of music for brass and wind instruments represent the diversity of this kind of music from all over Europe. They range from swing, bigband-sound and serene music to folk music and arrangements of modern rock and pop tracks. Classic and concertante pieces are also masterly interpreted. The entire Festival area has disabled access – this includes wheelchair accessible seats and disabled toilet facilities. Parking spaces for cars and buses are sufficiently available.

20,000 music lovers from Germany and the neighbouring countries visit the European Brass and Wind Band Festival / International Festival of Music each year. The Festival is regarded as an established musical highlight, which has been included in the offers of many travel organisations.

Music knows no limitations, connects people and overcomes every language barrier. Music helps to express feelings in many diverse ways and brings cultures closer together. The European Brass and Wind Band Festival / International Festival of Music is non-competitive event. It solely provides a basis for encounters and socialisation between first-class bands and an audience of music lovers.

Musicians from the following countries have been to Bad Schlema:

Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, USA and bands from different parts of Germany

We arer always looking for new brass bands wishing to participate at the European Brass Band Festival / International Music Festival. If interested, please contact us – preferably with a written application (incl. photo and brief chronicle of development and the main performances at home and abroad).

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